Seminars, Demos, and Stranger Danger Information

Contact us to arrange a date to have one of the following events at your organization, scout troop, school or church, or we’ll be happy to host your event at our school.


Stranger Danger classes for children:

This is a "hands on" class usually lasting about 1 hour.


Children learn basic techniques to help defend against stranger attacks. They work with some of our students, striking and kicking targets and learning simple techniques to get out of grabs and holds with their partners.


Anti-Assault classes for women and teens:

This is a “hands on” class teaching multiple techniques to women and teens for getting out of attacks against grabs, holds, and other confrontations they might encounter in a real world situation.


Participants will learn how to use their hands, feet, knees, elbows etc. to defend against various attacks in different situations.


Karate Demonstrations - very entertaining and informative:

Our Demo Team performs throughout the year at different organizational events.