Advanced Class Information (11 yrs. thru Adult)


This class is for students who are brown and black belts only.


Advanced techniques, throws, locks, sweeps, traditional weapons, knife and gun defenses, sparring, and advanced forms are taught in this class.


Students will be required to know all academics including sparring and kata rules and regulations, and to have already participated in tournaments.


They will know all karate and judo terminology for their rank and be able to score high on written tests.


Students in this class will be required to teach Tiny Tigers, Little Kickers and beginner classes. Higher ranks are required to teach intermediate classes and advanced classes when needed.


Some of the kata taught are:

Tekki Sho, Bassai Sho, Bassai Dai, Kwan Ku Dai, Ko Bo, Nunchaku Sho, Seinchin, Shochin & Empi.



Check our Schedule page for class times.